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Xmas eve 2012 at the Canadian War Cemetery Holten

Like all previous years, a small delegation of ours was invited to play at the “placing of the candles” at the Canadian War Cemetery in Holten.

The children were “piped in” from the entrance to the Cross of Remembrance.

This year, also Canadian children accompanied the Dutch children at placing the candles at each headstone.

This year’s weather was certainly not “Xmas like”, but resultated in a huge attendance and made playing the pipes a bit more pleasant.

Wierden, December 22nd 2012

We were invited to play in the shopping centre of Wierden, to embellish the Xmas shopping.

The day was “Dreigh” (Sombre and Rain), but that did not stop the shoppers from listening to the Pipes and Drums. That even resulted in some request for tunes.

Special thanks to  “Gasterij De Oale Marckt”,  where we could warm and have a coffee in between the outside performances.

Presentation of the CD of Roalterjongs in Raalte

The title  “Schot in de Roos” was the trigger for Roalterjongs to have a Scottish tinge about the presentation of their CD. On December 9th we played a few tunes for an enthousiast venue.

As most of the public were singers, some well known tunes we sung as well

Our special thanks to Jan van Ark (with whom we did many Remembrance services at the Twentol monument in Deventer)

Memorial in St Mary’s Chapel 11 november Diepenheim

On Remembrance Sunday (11/11/2012) we performed at St. Mary’s Chapel, near Weldam Castle in Diepenheim.

We played on the Chapel grounds as well within the Chapel

Accompanied by a colour party of the “Bond van Wapenbroeders” (Dutch Legion), Organ and Bugle, this service at the Anglican Church of Twente became very special, according to the church goers. Our special thanks to all, that we were inited again this year.

We already received the invitation for next year’s Remembrance Sunday, which we are more than honored to accept.

Also special thanks to Bas Velner for taking the pictures,


Remembrance Service “Ooster begraafplaats” Enschede september 21st 2012

We supported this year’s Remembrance Service at the Oosterbegraafplaats in Enschede. This service is an initiative of the Prinseschool. The children get a historical background during history lessons.

The trigger for this service, is in the contacts that the school has to the Airborne museum in Oosterbeek, and the fact that victims of the “Brummen Drama” (P.O.W.’s that were shot in that village), were transported to Enschede in a cover-up.
On the  site of André van Aarsen, (who took the pictures), you’ll find a Dutch text as well about this tragic event, and here some more background information in English.

Apart from these victims, this small War Cemetary section contains the graves of members of the allied airforces, as well as casualties from the 1945 liberation of Twente.

Castle Fair on the Castle Weldam in Diepenheim

On Saturday Septermber 8th, we were invited by the Anglican Church Twente, to play at their annual Castle Fair at Weldam Castle, near Diepenheim.

During the day, we “enlightened” the audience several times, both with the Great Highland Bagpipe (and Drums) as well with the more mellow Shuttle Pipes and Small Pipes.

The day became a success, as other performances blended in perfectly. Morris dancers, a Jazz combo etc, they all added to the perfect atmosphere. On top of that, the really nice weather added an extra dimension.

We might be back at next year’s fair, as the organization gave us some hints, that they liked us being present.



just a movie impression

Reichswald Remembrance August 5th

On August 5th we were invited to support the Remembrance service, that was organised by Poppy Travel.

Albert also went to the Arnhem / Oosterbeek cemetery, to play at a short ceremony, being the last of this battlefield tour.

Remembrance May 4th 2012 Deventer

On May 4th we sported the yearly Remebrance Service in Deventer

Remembrance 4 may 2012 Canadian War Cemetery Holten

We were able to support the Remembance Service at the Holten Canadian War Cemetery. On request of the organization we only came with a small detachment.

Remembrance at Twentol Monument

On request of the Elementary School “Rivierenwijk”, we supported this year’s Remembrance Service at the Twentol Monument.

This to commemorate the 5 resistance people, who where executed there, just 30 minutes before Deventer was liberated.
Also commemorated is the German Orderly , Ernst Gräwe, who refused to take part at the execution, and was executed at the same spot and moment.

More information (in Dutch)