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(Nederlands) Herdenking Twentol Drama 26 April 2018

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(Nederlands) Herdenking Twentol Drama 04 Mei 2017

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Commemoration Twentol Drama 25 april 2013

This year again, we attended the commemoration of the Twentol Drama, at request of the “Basisschool Rivierenwijk”

Prior to the memorial service were we present at school for a “music lesson” in Group 8, who subsequently would start laying the wreath and flowers.

We answered at lot of questions about the clothing and on the instruments, but there were also questions asked about WWII.

After all the questions were answered, Master Bart also gave it a try to play on the bagpipes.

This was, because there was a question whether you would get tired of blowing, Master Bart could agree that you really get tired of blowing.

From the school all went in a procession to the Twentol Monument, the children marching behind the band.

At the monument some children cited poems.
Whilst the band played a lament wreaths and flowers were laid.

Some attendees and aldermen also laid flowers, they thanked the children of the “Basisschool Rivierenwijk” and The Highland Regiment Pipes & Drums for the contribution to the commemoration.


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Photographs and Video: Martin van de Vrugt