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Memorial Service at Canadian War Cemetery may 4, 2013 Holten

The previous evening and all the other activities still had its effect on some band members. But the sun and the sound of pipes were the best medicine.

However, this had no negative effects on the quality of the music. The tuning on the previous evening really paid off.

The Bands lined up, so the guest could march through the middle of the joined Bands. This must have been very impressive for the visitors (as we’ve been told).

The ceremony was impressive, HMV (Holtens Brass Band), the Last Post, a Piper playing “Flowers of the Forest”, and most importantly: the children placing flowers at the graves.

After the ceremony, the bands lined up again, so the leaving guests could walk amidst the playing bands.

One Groupphoto, and the exchange of al sorts of information, a cup of coffee and some sandwiches. Our Canadian friends on the road again for the rest of there program and we were off to Deventer for the final commemoration of that weekend, the “Dodenherdenking”


Foto’s: Marinus Kippers