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(Nederlands) Bevrijdingsloop Holten 5 Mei 2018

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Memorial Service at Canadian War Cemetery may 4, 2014 Holten

Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch.

Memorial Service at Canadian War Cemetery may 4, 2013 Holten

The previous evening and all the other activities still had its effect on some band members. But the sun and the sound of pipes were the best medicine.

However, this had no negative effects on the quality of the music. The tuning on the previous evening really paid off.

The Bands lined up, so the guest could march through the middle of the joined Bands. This must have been very impressive for the visitors (as we’ve been told).

The ceremony was impressive, HMV (Holtens Brass Band), the Last Post, a Piper playing “Flowers of the Forest”, and most importantly: the children placing flowers at the graves.

After the ceremony, the bands lined up again, so the leaving guests could walk amidst the playing bands.

One Groupphoto, and the exchange of al sorts of information, a cup of coffee and some sandwiches. Our Canadian friends on the road again for the rest of there program and we were off to Deventer for the final commemoration of that weekend, the “Dodenherdenking”


Foto’s: Marinus Kippers

Xmas eve 2012 at the Canadian War Cemetery Holten

Like all previous years, a small delegation of ours was invited to play at the “placing of the candles” at the Canadian War Cemetery in Holten.

The children were “piped in” from the entrance to the Cross of Remembrance.

This year, also Canadian children accompanied the Dutch children at placing the candles at each headstone.

This year’s weather was certainly not “Xmas like”, but resultated in a huge attendance and made playing the pipes a bit more pleasant.

Remembrance 4 may 2012 Canadian War Cemetery Holten

We were able to support the Remembance Service at the Holten Canadian War Cemetery. On request of the organization we only came with a small detachment.

Xmas eve 2011 at Holten Canadian War Cemetary

Like in previous years a delegation of our Pipe Band was present at the Holten Canadian war  cemetery to support the placing of the candles.

It’s a pleasant thought that this ceremony is being attended by so many children, and thereby passing on the memory of freedom and its sacrifices.

This year, no snow, mild temperature and an unclouded sky saving the daylight a bit longer.

Like always, the combination of  children placing the candles at every grave and the sound of “Midwinterhoorn” and Bagpipes made it a true beginning of Christmas

Here is a link to a news item of the regional TV, RTV-OOst

Xmas 2010 Remembrance at the Holten Canadian War Cemetery

This year’s Xmas eve celebration at the Holten Canadian war cemetery had all aspects of a “White Christmas”, but that implied it was really cold.

The bitter cold even attempted to freeze the bagpipes

But this low temperature did not hinder the school children to place the candles at all the graves


Xmas Eve 2009 Remembrance at the Holten Canadian War Cemetery


Holten Cemetery with Poppy Travel November 1st 2009