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Xmas eve 2011 at Holten Canadian War Cemetary

Like in previous years a delegation of our Pipe Band was present at the Holten Canadian war  cemetery to support the placing of the candles.

It’s a pleasant thought that this ceremony is being attended by so many children, and thereby passing on the memory of freedom and its sacrifices.

This year, no snow, mild temperature and an unclouded sky saving the daylight a bit longer.

Like always, the combination of  children placing the candles at every grave and the sound of “Midwinterhoorn” and Bagpipes made it a true beginning of Christmas

Here is a link to a news item of the regional TV, RTV-OOst

Remembrance Day 2011

On Remembrance Sunday we were guests at the “Anglican Church Twente”
at St.Mary’s Weldam chapel in Goor, for the 2011 Remembrance Ceremony

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Remembrance at Enschede with children of Prinseschool

Together with the children of the Prinseschool in Enschede, we remembered the air crews that are buried there, as well as the victims of the Brummen escape during Market Garden.

4th of May Remembrance Service in Deventer

As in previous years, we supported the annual Remembrance service in Deventer